Asian Clean Tech Entrepreneurs Community (ACTEC)

by Energo Labs

Hackers, coders, developers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, humanists – all welcome!

ACTEC is initiative launched by Energo Labs to create a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders in Asia. At each community event, participants will get the opportunity to hear from innovative startups and learn more about how digital technology can be used to bring social and environmental change. Towards the end of each event, participants will get 1 minute to pitch their start-up and/or business ideas, as well as advertise any job listings available in their company.

The schedule for further meet-ups in different locations will be posted soon! To suggest a location or get involved in the development of ACTEC, please contact or

What we provide: a laid-back atmosphere, free refreshments, brilliant conversations and participants.

We are about: Entrepreneurship. Innovation.  Alternative Energy. Green Living. Sustainability. Clean Technology. Internet of Things. Social Impact. Social Entrepreneurship. Technology. Start Ups. Education. Social Innovation.

Why you should get involved in ACTEC:

  • Learn more about entrepreneurship and starting a business from others’ experience
  • Meet interesting people with unique solutions to environmental problems
  • Learn more about clean technology and sustainability
  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders
  • Learn more about developing technologies
  • Find potential investors and sponsors
  • Find co-founders for your next idea
  • Find your next job or company
  • Grow your network
  • Get inspired
Upcoming Events:

Nov 2, 2017:ACTEC Start-Up Cafe @ NYU Shanghai

Check out some photos from our previous ACTEC events here:

20th Sept., 2017: ACTEC Beijing – Financial Innovation in CleanTech? Blockchain and Beyond.
7th Sept, 2017: ACTEC Bangkok Meet Up
11th August 2017: ACTEC Shanghai