Energo Labs Gets Featured Live on CNBC Rundown

On December 1, 2017, Energo Labs COO Kaikai Yang was invited for an interview at CNBC’s Singapore studio to talk about the importance of blockchain in decentralizing energy. The interview was featured in the morning CNBC Rundown programme, hosted by Akiko Fujita.

During the interview, Yang stated that Energo Labs, as an early initiator of blockchain in energy, is committed to building Decentralized Autonomous Energy (DAE) communities around the world and is convinced that this initiative will have a disruptive effect on the development of clean energy. Using Energo’s energy trading system, DAE communities can connect producers and consumers of different types within a microgrid to prioritize the use of clean energy, which in turn improves energy efficiency and security while providing a profit for the producer and a discount for the consumer.

Yang also discussed Energo Labs’ current and future strategy, revealing that the company is currently targeting projects in Singapore, India, Philippines, and Thailand, and aims to make Singapore and Netherlands a regional hub for blockchain and energy research and initiatives. Energo will also begin EV charging projects using blockchain in early 2018, while pursuing their current microgrid projects in Asia.

The complete interview can be viewed here.




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