Energo Labs Officially Joins Singapore ACCESS Association

Energo has officially joined the Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprise and Startups in Singapore (ACCESS).

Kaikai Yang, COO of Energo Labs, commented “Energo Labs will begin working with ACCESS to plan various blockchain related activities and expand the influence of blockchain technology in Southeast Asia.” Yang also pointed out that Singapore has just launched a national energy policy report highlight the importance of a stable and sufficient supply of energy, and she believes that Energo Labs will implement blockchain-based Decentralized Autonomous Energy (DAE) communities to set a new trend for clean energy in Singapore.

Energo Labs is also in the process of beginning blockchain-based electric vehicle (EV) charging station projects in Singapore, enabling machine-to-machine energy transactions.

Since its establishment in May 2014, ACCESS has been consistently holding high-quality blockchain seminars and sharing sessions to attract more individuals to the blockchain industry and highlight the significance of blockchain impact on various industries. Today, ACCESS is one of the largest blockchain industry associations in South East Asia, dedicated to promoting and protecting the development and use of digital currency and blockchain technology.

Energo Labs has previously help several blockchain-related activities for students and professionals, and is dedicated to spreading awareness about the potential of blockchain. This falls in line with the development of ACCESS, and provides Energo Labs with the opportunity to get involved with Singapore’s innovation sector.


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