Energo Labs Hosts South Korea Meet Up

Last week, Energo Labs CEO Qu Lei (Ray) and COO Yang Kaikai (KK) were invited to participate in meet ups hosted by Coinnest and Coinone in Seoul, South Korea. Lei and KK represented Energo Labs and along with Qtum representatives talked about Energo and how blockchain is helping clean energy projects in Asia.

Coinnest and Coinone are two of South Korea’s most well-known international digital currency exchange platforms. The two events, which happened on Oct 20 and Oct 21 respectively, attracted a large number of South Korean blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, product designers, and media. The events also marked Energo labs officially entering the Korean blockchain and energy markets.

Coinnest’s event on Oct 20th introduced Energo Labs to announce the launch of their TSL token exchange, and CEO Lei introduced Energo’s solution and plans in South Korea, community: “The current global power production model has evolved from a centralized production model to a distributed one. The energy structure in Korea needs to be optimized, and Energo Labs aims to create distributed autonomous energy (DAE) communities in the country and has now officially enter the Korean energy market.”

The Coinone event was co-hosted by Qtum and introduced, in addition to Energo Labs, other start-ups using the Qtum blockchain platform including Medibloc, SpaceChain, and InkChain. COO KK presented about Energo’s commitment to providing the Korean people with economic, stable, and clean energy. “In the next five to ten years, distributed energy scenarios will become reality in Australia, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, India, China, and several other countries,” Yang commented. “The clean energy revolution is starting in several parts of the world.”


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