Energo Labs Gets Invited to Initiate! Hub at EUW 2017

COO of Energo Labs KaiKai Yang represented the company at European Utility Week (EUW) this past week from Oct 3-5 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Energo Labs was one of the few start-ups invited to participate in the EUW Initiate! Startup Program, and one of the only two Asian companies present at the event.

EUW, Europe’s largest exhibition focusing on smart energy and utilities, brings together industry networks, expert operators, suppliers, consultants, system integrators, and industry decision makers or investors from around the world.

At EUW ‘17, Energo Labs was given a start-up pavilion to exhibit our solution and projects, as well as the opportunity to attend webinars and lectures focusing on different aspects of energy and decentralization. Yang represented Energo’s commitment to building a Decentralized Autonomous Energy (DAE) community in Asia and provide “Energy free to go”.

“EUW was a wonderful networking opportunity and a great way to learn about the different innovations happening in energy sectors around the world. Energo Labs is targeting European markets as well, and may launch a project in Netherlands and other countries.” Yang commented.



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