Energo Co-Hosts ACTEC Beijing with BEN

Energo Labs and the Beijing Energy Network (BEN) co-hosted ACTEC’s first event in Beijing on Wed., 20th September. Titled ‘Financial Innovation in Clean Tech? – Blockchain and Beyond’, the event focused on the importance of blockchain in the energy industry to introduce participants about the current situation of the energy sector and possible future paths that include blockchain technology.

To provide a balanced perspective on the future of blockchain in energy, the speakers represented different organizations and institutions involved in energy. The event was opened by Diana Parusheva-Lowery from BEN who introduced the organization and speakers’ biography, followed by the first speaker Jose Duque, CTO of Energo Labs, who spoke about the environmental impacts of the current energy sector and how blockchain is key to solving these problems. The second speaker was Zhang Xiaochen, founder of FinTech4Good, who provided more insight into the development of blockchain in history and the variety of sustainable development projects FinTech4Good is currently involved in. The third speaker was Matt Prusak, who is currently a Schwarzman Scholar at Tsinghua University and represented the academic side of blockchain. Prusak elaborated on the different ways different countries are using blockchain in energy, as well as the limitations of blockchain.

As all ACTEC events, the keynote speeches were followed by a panel discussion where participants asked questions about the technology, it’s applications, and its cost-feasibility. The ACTEC Beijing event received good feedback from its attendees, and Energo hopes to host more events in collaboration with BEN in the near future.

The next ACTEC event, called ACTEC Start Up Café, will be hosted at NYU Shanghai campus on November 2 and is aimed at breaking the stereotype amongst students that clean technology is only for engineering or science majors and anyone can be a clean tech entrepreneur.



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