Energo and Qtum Host Blockchain Workshop at NYU Shanghai

Energo Labs joined Qtum to co-host a blockchain workshop at New York University (NYU) Shanghai on Thusday, 14th September. The aim of the workshop was to explain the concept and history of blockchain technology to students, as well as describe its applications in different industries like energy. The event is the first in a series of workshops that will be held in schools around Asia to inspire youth to get involved in blockchain organizations and develop the industry.

The workshop involved keynote speeches from Brett Fincaryk, Community Manager of the Qtum Foundation, and Lathika Chandra Mouli, Electrical Engineer from Energo Labs. Fincaryk began the workshop by explaining the origin, development, and major milestones and advantages of blockchain, and Chandra Mouli then gave a presentation on the potential of blockchain in energy as well as industry insights. The speeches were followed by a Q&A session from the students, which ran one hour ahead of time making the event a two-hour session. Upon request, students were also given a demonstration on installing and securing a digital wallet through which they can make cryptocurrency transactions.

Energo will be hosting blockchain workshops with Qtum in other universities in Asia, the schedule for future workshops will be posted soon.



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