Energo Participates in Smart Energy Hackathon

This past weekend, Energo Labs participated in the Smart Energy Hackathon in Bangkok, Thailand hosted by GIZ, TechGrind, CU Innovation, KX and CalCEF. The event aimed at advancing software solutions for energy problems in South East Asia, and was sponsored by several energy giants from Thailand including PTT and the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA).

The Energo team was represented by Jose Duque, Kelvin Chen, Shen Ren, Edward Jin, and Lathika Chandra Mouli, who chose to solve the CalCEF “Electric Vehicles and Grid Storage” challenge using their solution EVergo. Built on the premise that the cost of energy storage is rapidly falling, EVergo creates a physical network of stationary batteries and electric vehicles to enable them to exchange energy between one another, thus allowing electric vehicles to reduce airpollution while letting renewables provide base-load power.

After over 29 hours of hacking, the Energo team advanced to the top 6 teams.  Energo CTO Jose Duque commented, “This was a great experience to build team work and allow us to get exposed to the clean tech and energy sector of Thailand for future projects.”

The Smart Energy Hackathon is a precursor event to a bigger initiative being established called New Energy Nexus South-East Asia, which will support start-ups in the region to create new smart energy solutions and boost the area’s clean energy economy.


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