Announcement of Energo Labs Cryptocurrency Encouragement Plan

Dear Investors,

Energo Labs just finished our TSL refund round, and the total amount refunded is 138,256,692 TSL tokens.

Bowing to all the investors who are still supporting us and as promised before, 50% of the total refund amount will be used as rewards for investors who still hold TSL. The amount awarded will be calculated based on the proportion of the tokens held. The total reward amount is 69,128,346TSL tokens(calculated as the weighted arithmetic mean of the total refund amount), which means each TSL you hold can brings you another 0.18TSL.

If your TSL token(s) has been moved to your wallet, regardless of whether it was done forcefully or by your choice, we will start to record each of the wallet address from 00:00am on 14th Sep. 2017. Kindly keep your TSL token constant between 00:00am 14th Sep. to 00:00am 15th Sep. If your TSL is in allcoin, the reward will be calculated and then transfered to you through allcoin directly.

The transfer of all rewards will start from 0:00am on 14th Sep. and finish in 24 hours, please check your token wallet or allcoin account after that.

Energo reserves the right to explain and clarify questions about this announcement as and when deemed necessary.

Energo Foundation

WED 13th Sep. 2017


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