Official Notice to Investors

Official Announcement by Energo Labs 

Dear Investors,

Thank you all for your support and contribution to projects by Energo Labs. We all have witnessed the growth of Energo from the very beginning.

In the past 10 months, we worked to deliver what we promised, with the premise of making real innovative projects, and participating and promoting the development of the energy blockchain industry through our creative technology. From China to Southeast Asia to Europe, we have won a lot of recognition from our partners, which grew our enthusiasm to cooperate with energy companies, financial institutions and even overseas governments.

This year at the end of June, we met with the Singapore Economic Development Board and Singapore Electric Power, which encouraged us to land more projects in Singapore. In August, we announced our cooperation with FirstGen, which is the subsidiary corporation of the biggest holding company in the Philippines, “First Phillippine Holdings Corporation”. We started a research project together with University of De La Salle to carry out feasibility studies and install peer to peer energy trading in a microgrid environment in the college. In the same month, we also met with Korn Dabbaransi (former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, the current Co-Chairman of the Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation (APECF), and Chairman of the Thai-China Friendship Association, to discuss Energo’s future projects in Thailand.

Recently the Central Bank, the Ministry of Industry, China Banking Regulatory Commission and seven other ministries issued on September 4, 2017 a “notice to companies about the financial risk of issuing digital tokens”. The announcement made it clear that ICO’s that have not yet been launched must be stopped, ICO’s that have already issued tokens must stop trading, companies that have issued tokens must refund them, and token exchange platforms can no longer offer token trading services. The cryptocurrency market has significant systemic risks, and as such must be regulated according to the requirements of the seven national ministries.

In principle, this notice means all companies that have launched their ICO’s must voluntarily refund all the tokens they have issued.

Note to investors:

1. For those who have not yet received TSL refund from our partner platform Allcoin, register through the platform and verify your account and amount of TSL; for those who have not yet received refunds from ICOAGE, it can be directly received through the ICOAGE platform. For those who have not yet received TSL refund from, please contact Energo Community Manager (through Wechat account: lyp23333333) to register and verify your account and amount of TSL, then get the refund by the platform.

2. For those users who have already got your own TSL from ICOAGE, Allcoin, or Tokencapital, please contact Energo Community Manager (through Wechat account: lyp23333333) to submit your refund information and payment method.

3. Investors can choose if they want to refund their TSL or not. All refunds will be provided for the corresponding TSL amount at the original rate of QTUM or BTC the TSL tokens were bought for. Any users who have already used or traded TSL tokens will receive refunds according to the 1QTUM = 400TSL exchange rate due to the uncertainty of exchange rates.

Energo Labs will continue to update all news related to tokens and refunds on our official accounts and channel. We will try our best to meet the refund needs of every investor and complete refund transactions according to the original rate the TSL was bought for.

We are simultaneously completing the audit work, technical documentation, and cooperation contract at home and abroad andactively waiting for further communication with the regulatory authorities.

As we have always done, Energo will continue to work hard to realize the applications of blockchain in energy.

We look forward to several projects in September, including meeting with the Bank of Thailand, the Thai Parliamentary Chairman, the Taiwan Penghu County Magistrate, and the Yunlin County Magistrate, to continue to promote Chinese blockchain on the world stage.


Energo Team

6th Sept., 2017



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