Announcement on Tesla Refund

Due to the current regulatory policy directed at the ICO projects, and taking into consideration the protection of investors interests, the Energo team and the ALLCOIN communication and cooperation platform have decided to open a coin investors open channel. Investors who need money returned can contact the ALLCOIN platform for customer service and for questions about refund matters;

For other cooperation platform including ICOAGE, Tokencapital, and in the currency for the user, please contact Energo customer service official Wechat Account (WeChat username: lyp23333333) to submit information and the relevant documents. (e.g. coin platform, user name, type of coin, the coin number, investment time). The deadline to submit documents for a refund is September 7th 24:00 China Time (GMT+8).

Within 48 hours after the deadline, we will refund the QTUM and BTC invested by the investors who participated in the public offerings.

We will adhere to the spirit of the blockchain to the center of the coin. We will be one of the 50% to be recognised by to the centre of energy investors. We will lock the rest of the TSL, and provide it as a small reward to new users in the future (new users must hold TSL tokens and the initial use of Energo network).

As the energy chain is mainly used in the overseas users of the landing scene (now in Thailand, Philippines and Singapore), we will open international exchanges in September or October.

Disclaimer: Energo is acting in response to the current regulation recently passed for ICO activities in China, and actively embraces the supervision, thus our tokens may not be traded in a short time, please understand the risks fully. Energo reserves the right to explain and clarify questions about this announcement as and when deemed necessary.

The Energo team is committed to ensuring the safety of the digital assets invested by investors and will work harder to continue to create value for new energy through new technologies.


Thank you for your constant support for Energo!


Energo Foundation

September 5, 2017


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