Energo Labs Collaborates with FirstGen on Campus Microgrid Project

KaiKai (KK) Yang, co-founder and COO of Energo Labs, recently met with Vice President of First Gen Aloysius Santos to discuss collaborations between the two companies. Energo Labs and First Gen are currently working on enabling peer-to-peer (P2P) energy transactions between buildings in a campus microgrid in the Philippines. During the meeting, consensus was reached to jointly promote Energo’s decentralised energy ecosystem in Philippines.

“Once details of the micro-grid project are finalised, we will join hands with FirstGen to promote decentralised autonomous energy in the Philippines as well conduct research with the university on related topics. We are willing to work with outstanding young talents to explore topics about the revolution in the energy sector and blockchain development,” commented Yang.

FirstGen’s authoritative position in Philippines’ energy sector will be conducive to advancing Energo’s solution in the country. Following the success of the project in Manila, Energo Labs will begin cooperating with other top universities in China, Thailand, Singapore and other countries in South East Asia to carry out ecological incubation plans.


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