Energo Labs Prepares to Launch ICO

Energo Labs is in the final stages of our preparation for launching our Initial
Coin Offering (ICO) at 6 pm on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

Running for a total of 21 days, the ICO will close at 8 pm on Tuesday, August
15, 2017. The event will end earlier if the fundraising target is reached before the
scheduled closing date.

Our ICO accepts Qtum and BTC in exchange for Energo’s TSL tokens.
Users can participate at http://www.icoage.com, http://www.bitc9.com/ico/,
http://www.allcoin.com, and http://www.tokencapital.io. Following the end of the event, the
ICO multi-signature addresses and participants will be publicly disclosed to
ensure that external audit of the funds raised will be implemented normally.

At the end of ICO, the corresponding amount of TSL tokens will be distributed
to the participants’ personal accounts based on the amount contributed through
Qtum and BTC.

According to the current plan, Energo will issue 1,000,000,000 TSL tokens; this
number will not be renewed. The ICO target is set for 510,000,000 TSL.


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